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Finally, after what seems an age we can plan and make arrangements for B29,
the theme which is ‘Prototypes’.

Meetings have been held with Cadwell and new systems have been introduced to aid the smooth running of the event and riders intending to purchase track tickets should read the updated
Track Riders Information.

B29 is a ‘Ticket Only Event’ and entry to the circuit will only be gained with the purchase of one of the following tickets; any Track Ticket, a Rally Ticket or a Day Ticket. If you intend to camp overnight then it is expected you purchase a Rally Ticket. Day Tickets are intended for the day visitor.
See updated Buy Tickets.

Beezumph 29

Beezumph 29 is scheduled for Friday & Saturday
29/30th July 2022 at Cadwell Park

These dates are provisional only and subject to change.

More news to follow.

Beezumph 2021 Cancelled

Beezumph Statement 30 March 2021

Following today’s committee meeting it is, with considerable regret and sadness, that I must inform you that Beezumph 2021 scheduled for 20-21 August will not be taking place.

Martin Rawson our events secretary has been desperately trying to come up with some way of keeping the event alive. Various ideas have been discussed at great length, a single day Beezumph, a track day, social distancing measures, if you can think of it we have looked into it.

Various conversations have been had with MSV to try and find a way to hold Beezumph but, truth told, the uncertainty which still surrounds the lifting of the UK’s lockdown measures, and what may happen if there is a resurgence of the disease leave both TR3OC and MSV in an impossible position.

As you can see by the lateness of this notice we have tried to keep the event alive until the latest possible moment, the last discussion on the subject being today 30th March 2021 when we held a special committee meeting to try and come up with a workable solution. Having further discussed all our options at length this morning, we feel that the potential for harm to members and guests who attend the event on top of the potential financial loss leave us with no alternative other than to post-pone once again.

We also consider that by trying to save the event we run the additional risk of damaging the event itself and the experience for everyone.

So once again our sincere apologies to everyone, this is not what we anticipated a year ago when we had to cancel, however whilst some sort of end to this may be in sight it has not come quickly enough for us to proceed.

Stay safe everyone


Beezumph Cancelled

Beezumph 29 Cancelled due to the Corona Virus


With the recent outbreak of the Corona Virus the decision has been taken to Cancel Beezumph 2020

We still live in hope that life will return to a certain type of normal soon and that we can run some of our events this year.

Beezumph 2020

The provisional dates for this year’s Beezumph are Friday 14th and Saturday 15th of August with a venue change for this year – Snetterton Race Circuit, Norfolk, England

These are all subject to the signing of the contracts with further details to follow.

Honorary Members at Beezumph 28

We are pleased to announce that the following honorary are confirmed for Beezumph 28: Arthur Jakeman, John Woodward, Fred Swift, Mick Duckworth, Steve Brown and Alex George. If you haven’t already purchased a ticket, the Day Tickets will be available from the merchandise tent priced at £10 per person. These do include camping.

B28 Schedule of Events

B28 Schedule of Events:

Camping is available from Wednesday Evening until Saturday Morning at 10am

Wednesday 24th July Evening/Camping
Clubhouse open from 17:00 to 23:00 for drinks, snacks, meals and Bar from 18:30

Thursday 25th July
Ride Out Brief in the Paddock12:15
Ride Out from the Paddock12:30
Clubhouse opens 15:00
Ride Out Return Approx. 16:30 to 16:45
Bike Jumble in the Marquee 17:15 to 19:00
Our guest speaker in the Marquee Neil Spalding 19:30
Clubhouse Bar Closes 22:00

Friday 26th July
Riders Registration in the Paddock Portacabin 7.30 to 10:00
Noise Testing from 07.30 to 10:00
Track Riders Brief in the Clubhouse 08.15 to 8:45
Track Sessions 09.00 to 12:30
Lunch 12:30 to 13:30
Track Sessions 14.00 to 17:00
Bike Line-Up 17:30
Presentations and Raffle Draw 18:30
B.B.Q from 19:30
Band ‘RICKSHAW’ Marquee 20:30
Lights Out 23:00

Beezumph Update: Neil Spalding’s Presentation – Thursday 25th July

Beezumph update: Neil Spalding will be speaking about the ‘Foundations for the future, the BSA/Triumph Triple showed the way.’ And is a look at the way the triples were the first in many, perhaps unexpected, ways..

We look forward to Neil’s presentation, please come and support us, it will be an excellent evening and couple of days.

Beezumph Guest Speaker – MotoGP Journalist and Triple Rider Neil Spalding

We are pleased to announce that Neil Spalding will be joining us at 2019 Beezumph on his Trident and will be our guest speaker for Thursday evening. Neil is a member of our club, Moto GP Technical journalist, photographer and TV Commentator so has some interesting tales to tell.

Ever thought of riding the track but not had the confidence?

Do you want to be part of the action at Beezumph and have you ever fancied riding a race circuit but feel you don’t have the confidence or think it couldn’t happen for me?  Well it could! You could take part and have two sessions on track at one of the most picturesque and most rewarding circuits to ride in this country, Cadwell Park is known as the “Mini Nurburgring” because of its twists and turns and changes of level which includes the unique mountain!  Sign up for the Entry Level at Beezumph and for £30 you will have two 15 minute sessions on track, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, where you will be taken round by marshals under controlled conditions at a reasonable speed and be shown the best lines round all of Cadwell Parks twists and turns to allow you to experience the thrill and challenge of riding on a race track for the first time.  Entry level is open to any solo motorcycle.  So come on and have a go! All you need is a set of leathers either one piece or two piece zip together, boots, gloves and an ACU approved Helmet and a full motorcycle Driving Licence and away you go!  It’s that easy and very rewarding!

If you fancy giving it a go click the following link to take you to our Beezumph booking page for further details: INFO AND BOOKING HERE


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