How to Join in

P1070679There are many aspects to the Club’s main event of the year, for some the chance to ride on the circuit is paramount, for others the opportunity to meet their heroes from the 60’s and 70’s is the main attraction. In reality it doesn’t matter whether it’s riding, the guests, the bikes or just the chance to meet up with friends and fellow club members to enjoy the rally. What matters is that you are taking part in Beezumph.

Naturally our event has changed over the years, but one constant is its unique atmosphere. If it could be bottled the merchandise stall would be even busier than normal. So in effect, you make Beezumph what it is, the organisers do their utmost to put on a great event but without the participation of the TR3OC members and our paying guests it would be just another event in the ever increasing classic bike calendar.


All are welcome at Beezumph; as an example here is a few words from Roger Moss about his experience.

DSCF2537My name is Roger Moss and I used to race production 750 Laverda and Ducati from 1970 onwards.  I also raced vintage machines, a 1939 Triumph Tiger 100 and a 1930 Scott.  I then lost my job and was divorced and found a cottage with workshop that was a rare example of authentic rural squalor.  I had sold my big bikes but still could not afford to race for a couple of years while I set up a little engineering workshop.  I greatly missed my racing and especially the track days run by such as the Velo and Vincent owners.  Great spirited days that I thought were a thing of the past.  In about 1995, I read in MCN that the TR3OC were inviting entries to a clubmans track event at Cadwell for £48 complete with BBQ and Band.  I emptied out my piggy bank and found I could just afford the entry.  I arrived to find myself in a time capsule with the sort of spirited enthusiastic clubmen I had known in past years. I only had my old girder forked 1934 Scott but was welcomed with great warmth as if  I had a Triumph or BSA Triple.  We had a great thrash round without holding up the Triples too much.  The camaraderie lifted my spirits considerably and I have tried to enter as often as possible since that date.  I thoroughly recommend the event to all true spirited clubmen riders, but perhaps not to too many folks, in case there is no room for me!